630m /p am Mondsee 2015

Medium Wave /p at Mondsee 2015

During the "Mondsee-weekend" in August 2015 a little crew made some activity on MF 630m. 

A military antenna mast , with some capacitance hat and a radial system , was used as radiator. This System was tuned with ca. 300µH loading coil and a ferrit core transformer.

For digital operation we used a 1 watt output kit "Ultimate 3s" from Heiko DL1HTY, for CW it was a IC7000 and 50 watt from TX-transverter "UFS472,5" of DL3ARM. (G3XBM-style)

Antenna was tuned with the help of DL1HTY`s analyser Rig-Expert AA54 , DL9WNM`s SWR meter and DL3ARM`s current meter.

Thanks to the several friends who helped to erect the antenna !

Here some impression:



The "Tuner". The antenna with the chicken wire and DM4TR`s  40 x  10m radials brought

best SWR+ most current at 16/6 windings of the transformer, so may be we had Z of ca. 7 Ohms

next time we will check the amps and power exactly


the IC7000 in its portable box with power supply, tuner AH4 for SW+50MHz, home made paddle + digital interface used as trx in split mode for 472kHz operation (RX= IC7000 on 472,5kHz) (TX is IC7000 5W on 4.472,5kHz with transverter "UFS 472,5") Foto by DL8WKR

tx dummy

DL9WNM opens his 350W / 50 Ohm dummy load box, right side the DL3ARM MF-TX-transverter and MF SWR-meter    Foto DL8WKR



The interested OM`s, in the middle background DL1HTY`s 10m support for the 20m capacitance hat wire.

While DO4MAT is pressing the key inside the car, DL3ARM is tuning.

Results: 3 QSOs with german stations in CW, WSPR reports from DL, PA, G, SM

1.  MF RX

Als RX wird ein TS570 mit Vorverstärker und Preselektor genutzt.

Die Idee zum Einsatz des mechanischen Filters FZ02 kam mir beim

Bau des RX für den MF Grabber bei DM4TR.

       Dank an Wolfgang, DH1AKF für die FET Schaltung.


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