For watching the 10m, 6m and 4m bands ES openings this magnetic loop antenna was built. A juvenile bicycle rim is used as the loop. The Butterfly-C is made of some laser-cut aluminum of 3mm. 

magloop6 27mhz

The antenna in C max position = 27,99 Mhz

It is quite difficult to reach mechanically exact parallel fixing of the butterfly plates to have maximum C.

Distance between the plates ~ 1mm

magloop6 27mhzswr 

 magloop6 50mhz

Antenna tuned for 6m

magloop6 50mhzswr

magloop6 72mhz 

 highest frequency is 72 MHz

magloop6 72mhzswr

 Here some details:

magloop6 feed

The feedpoint is a 50 Ohm coax connector fixed with two brass screws M3.

! Avoid to use magnetic materials as steel iron etc. for building magnetic loop antennas ! Use only aluminum, brass, stainles steel, copper... 

Iron etc. will make losses.


The "gamma" match.

This kind of antennas work fine with SDR receivers. Antenna's small bandwidth gives good preselection for the SDR. 

 Loop diameter is 45cm.


1.  MF RX

Als RX wird ein TS570 mit Vorverstärker und Preselektor genutzt.

Die Idee zum Einsatz des mechanischen Filters FZ02 kam mir beim

Bau des RX für den MF Grabber bei DM4TR.

       Dank an Wolfgang, DH1AKF für die FET Schaltung.


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